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The ​professional guidance of the individual by utilising psychological methods especially in identifying the problem areas and suggesting better solutions to cope up with these daily life problems.


A collaborative treatment based on regular personal interaction between an individual and a psychologist. It particularly involves psychological methods, to help a person change & overcome problems.


 The process of psychological testing that uses a combination of techniques to help arrive at some hypotheses about a person and their behaviour, personality, and capabilities by IQ assessment or Psycho-diagnostic assessment.

Self Management

In mental health, self-care is any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual’s control, deliberate and self-initiated. It helps you in self-grooming and personality development.

Drug Addiction

An Overview of Disease Concept Addiction can be of any kind, chemical or non-chemical. As far as chemical addiction is concerned, which involves the use of psychoactive substances, it can have a profound effect not only on a person’s health but on his life in general....
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What To Expect When You Start Therapy?

Therapy is a term most people are either unfamiliar with or assign wrong meaning to. I am here today to clear some misconceptions people have when they approach a therapist or think about starting therapy. First, I will like to talk about the stigma attached to it....
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Coping With Depression

TIPS FOR COPING WITH DEPRESSION Connect and remain associated: Look for help from individuals who influence you to feel safe and tended to. Converse with one individual about your sentiments. Do things that influence you to rest easy: Spend some time in nature, Watch...
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Adolescent Psychological Issues and the Need for Professional Help

In this technological era, where the roles are adapted on the basis of cultural demands, adolescent developmental milestones are achieved quite late during the twenties, therefore, the period of adolescent psycho-sexual and psycho-social...
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Attention Deficits and Hyperactivity in Children: Guidelines for the Parents

Parental guidance is one of the crucial steps in treating children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) symptoms. Without parental training, a child cannot be treated fully. If you are taking a therapeutic treatment for your ADHD child from a clinical...
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Is Yawning Contagious?

Revealing the Logic of Our Brain behind Irrational Yawning Behavior You must have experienced or listened by someone that yawning is contagious. You might be exposed to various comments regarding this phenomenon. You might have observed that if someone else is yawning...
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Latest Research Regarding the Use of “Ignoring Strategies”

Up till now psychologists focused more on the emotional domain of person’s disturbed state and changing those disturbing factors to adopt new healthy ways. This is true for the cognitive behavioral approaches to psychotherapy which is a widely used approach in mental...
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Treatment approaches aimed at healing psychological problems

The term “psychological problem” is defined as any kind of mental state in which person feels distressed or disturbed. The psycho-social functioning of the person gets affected such as academics and job performance is not up to the mark, the friendships, social...
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The World at work! A metaphor to motivate depress client get back to work

Human beings and other life-bearing entities are undoubtedly at work but the question that “Is the whole world at work?” is an enigma. Apparently, a concrete wall seems to be stationary and without any motion. But only a simple scientific analysis would reveal the...
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Problem Magnifiers: Why Your Problems Don’t Get Solved? (Descriptive)

Every one of us has problems bigger or smaller. An interesting thing about “problem” is everyone thinks that his/her problem is the biggest one. For example, a person admitted to an orthopedic surgical ward with an ankle injured sees his problem bigger than a person...
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