Common Myths People Have Regarding Psychological Problems and their Treatment

Common Myths People Have Regarding Psychological Problems and their Treatment

Although there is a growing awareness regarding mental health services, still there are myths and misconceptions regarding mental health problems as well as regarding their treatment. Some of the common myths are mentioned here.
Myth # 1: People doing unusual things surely have some magical influences:
Even though people are now aware that magical and supernatural influences have little evidence and such things are caused by the psychological disturbance in a person. Some people still believe in such things. This is the reason, the fake faith healers get the heavy amount of money or expensive stuff from those suffering from unusual experiences. Whereas, the truth of the matter is such people are undergoing some sort of psychological disturbance. We come across a number of such patients who report hearing unusual voices, seeing unusual images, having someone or something touching them while the people around them can’t see, hear or feel what they are experiencing. Such experiences are characterized by a set of illnesses known as psychotic disorders. Other kinds of patients report a history of fits, falling off and fainting, talking in someone else’s voice, having some of their body parts paralyzed, pain or other symptoms mimicking any medical condition but the medical test reports deny any disease. Such kind of symptoms is categorized in Conversion disorder or Somatic symptoms disorder. People experiencing such kind of conditions must consult clinicians for the treatment of their illness rather than wasting time and money on fake healers.
Myth # 2: Only people with serious illnesses seek psychological treatments:
This is another myth people hold regarding psychological services. This myth is more related to the stigma of being “Psycho” which is very common even among very educated people. In reality, the aware people consult a psychologist for even minor issues such as, parents who observe aggression, disobedience or violence in their kids can take guidance on how to handle such children. Students facing difficulty regarding their career choices can consult a psychologist for career counseling. Adolescents facing issues in socialization or when they think their parents don’t understand their needs due to the generation gap may consult a psychologist for how to communicate and handle their issues. Similarly, couples having difficulties in a relationship because their minds don’t match may seek to counsel. These and many other daily life issues can be handled with the help of a psychologist so you shouldn’t keep tunnel vision regarding mental illnesses after reading this article.

Myth # 3: Only weak people find treatment for their problems:
People think that if they consult a mental health professional, it is a sign of their weakness. The fact is, it shows a sense of responsibility of a person when he/she seeks a professional help to achieve a better mental health and peace of mind.
Myth # 4: A young counselor/therapist cannot understand your problems until he/she has experienced it:
Some very educated and aware people hold this belief and we come across a thousand of such questions during our professional practice. Literally, this belief is similar if you think that a doctor cannot treat your disease until he/she has the similar disease. Does it make sense? To add your knowledge it is stated that for God sake! Take your counselor or psychologist as your doctor. Do ask for your Psychologist’s qualification and experience if you want to avail the best services. A clinical psychologist with sound academic qualification and experience is trained to treat every kind of problems whether it relates to your marital life, old age crisis, adolescent issues, sex life, or anything which is related to a human life.

People who hold such kind of misconceptions often remain fearful while seeking professional help. To such people, we offer a knowledge base and evidence-based practices. Counseling, psychotherapy, consultation or other mental health practices are proved to provide symptom relief, better quality of life and peace of mind. It enhances one’s potentials towards positive growth. A trained mental health professional always takes step towards your well being.

Written By:
Mehwish Mursaleen (Ph.D. Clinical Psychology)
Clinical/Organizational Psychologist (Overtop Consultants),
Online Psychotherapist ( &

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