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About Us

Online Service

We are providing all the services online, get connected with our Psychologist from home

Forward Thinking

We believe in utilizing the technology to it’s fullest, we are easy to reach for everyone

Problem Solvers

We understand the value of Peace of Mind, our team is always focused on our clients.


100% Privacy

All the information of yours remain 100% confidential and scure, we assure 100% privacy. 


To give predominant quality mental health services that: CLIENTS recommend to family and companions, SPECIAL EDUCATORS lean towards for their CLIENTS, and our TEAM is pleased with.


Founded in 2015 by Clinical Psychologist Mehwish Mursaleen and Entrepreneur Fahad Lauhani, Consult A Psychologist (CAP), we have focused on meeting our clients’ mental health needs in all of the communities we serve.


We recognize that the clients we serve come to us at the most vulnerable times in their lives, and we put them first every day and help them achieve their best possible outcome. 


Clients are our first priority. We take pride in our strong client satisfaction scores that continually increase. Our consistent growth correlates directly to our focus on providing the highest level of client care resulting in more clients and referring psychologists choosing us.


CAP has a deep commitment to the communities we serve and we actively raise awareness of critical mental health issues. We continuously invest so that we can continue to provide care.


We are focused on reasonableness and trust with our clients, the partner, and representatives. We lead our business as per the most elevated ethical models.