Rabia Ejaz

Clinical Psychologist

Current Status:

Rabia Ejaz is an MPhil in Clinical Psychology from the Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of Karachi. She is a trained Cognitive Behavior Therapist.


She holds experience is both Clinical and academic settings. Her expertise lies in Psychological assessment and Diagnosis, CBT based psychotherapy for Anxiety, Depression, Psychosis, somatic disorders and Mood Disorders. Besides, she also provides marital counseling, career counseling, counseling for stress management, conflict resolutions and problem-solving. She holds certification in addiction treatment as well. She also provides assessment and therapy for all kinds of Childhood Disorders including Neurological disorders and Learning problems.

Experience: She is providing her services at Consult-A-Psychologist and Roohbaru as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist. She has worked with multiple organizations which include; Neuropsychology Center, Kazim Trust, New Horizons Drug Rehabilitation Center, PNS Shifa Hospital, Roohbaru, and The AMI School.

Articles and Blog:

Drug Addiction

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