Low Self-esteem vs. Low Self-image
“Confidence is a good thing but overconfidence always sinks the ship”

This quote has a very deep interpretation; being a psychologist my interpretation about this quote is related to low self-image and low self-esteem.
If you want to be a healthy individual, want to live a successful life, want to achieve your goals, you have to identify your weaknesses, faults in your personality& your complexes. Then work on your mental condition and reshape your personality.
Having complexes is not a bad thing complexes lead to low self-esteem but we can work on low self-esteem, boost low self-esteem through positive activities, and work on cognitions. The main difference of low self-esteem and low self-image is the person who has low self-esteem underestimates self but people with low self-image always overestimate themselves.
Low self-esteem can easily be boosted if you identify the lacking needs or the cause of your low self-esteem: for example, if someone is not very good in speaking English and can’t write well, always feels sad or low in his academic or professional life. He always thinks that I am not good I can’t speak, I can’t write, other people are very genius, they all speak well etc. In this case, he can work on his unreasonable thoughts/beliefs, can learn strategies to become an expert in English, and definitely, it will boost his self-esteem.
Building self-esteem is related to things which boost your esteem needs and channelize your low self-esteem towards personal growth. If it is fulfilled, the individual reaches to self-actualization stage.
People who have a low self-image means that they feel low in their own self. They are not satisfied with their personality they do not own their self and unconsciously they start to compare themselves with others.
It can be surprising for you that people who have low self-image may appear as over confident. These people hide their low self-esteem unconsciously which may lead to Narcissistic personality. Having low self-image can never be a positive thing because it will never lead towards personal growth and the person will never go to the self-actualization stage.
It is therefore very important to identify if you are low on confidence or overconfident because neither of the two things will help you to succeed in life.

Written By:
Sana Mehboob (MS. Clinical Psychology)
Clinical Psychologist (Karachi psychiatric hospital)
Associate Clinical Psychologist (S. Abdur Razzak Medical Center)
Mehwish Mursaleen (Ph.D., Clinical Psychology)
Clinical /Organizational Psychologist (Overtop Consultants),
Online Psychotherapist (Consult-a-psychologist.com & iCliniq.com)

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