People think that those who appear over-confident are really getting the best of their lives. Just as the low self-esteem hurts personality, the over-confidence shakes the balance of an individual. We call this an inflated self-esteem. This is not the reality of people with over-confidence. Infect, they over-estimate themselves because there is an underline inferiority complex and actually the person has low self-esteem deep inside.
Similarly, a term is used in psychology literature i.e. Unstable self-esteem. This is a more threatening thing which underlies many personality disorders. You can understand the matter by simply assuming that anything other than a stable self-image is harmful to the psychological well-being of the person.
Here are some points which are characteristics of either unstable or low self-esteem. Reading this will help you to identify if you have a self-esteem issue.
People with low self-esteem:
1. Always try to impress others
2. Constantly compare self with others
3. Always think people are jealous of them or from their luxuries
4. Always need to be center of attention
5. Always want attention through attention seeking behaviors or statements e.g. “I am not feeling well”, “I am not being hungry”, “I am not eating proper meals” etc.
6. Always try to big head their related people’s designation, luxuries they have, and lifestyles
7. Always boost about themselves, show off, praise their self e.g., “I am so pretty”, “the outfit I’m wearing is so awesome” etc.
8. Easily impressed by the glamor or by the media fields
9. Always thinks they are right and others are wrong
10. The last but not the least, they don’t listen to others and can’t tolerate if someone criticizes them.
After you identify or suspect that you may possess low self-esteem, you can think to seek help from a professional psychologist to reshape your personality….

Written By:
Sana Mehboob (MS. Clinical Psychology)
Clinical Psychologist (Karachi psychiatric hospital)
Associate Clinical Psychologist (Institute of Professional Psychology-BUMDC & S. Abdur Razzak Medical Center)

Mehwish Mursaleen (Ph.D., Clinical Psychology)
Clinical /Organizational Psychologist (Overtop Consultants),
Online Psychotherapist (iCliniq &

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