Human beings and other life-bearing entities are undoubtedly at work but the question that “Is the whole world at work?” is an enigma.

Apparently, a concrete wall seems to be stationary and without any motion. But only a simple scientific analysis would reveal the fact to us that seemingly motionless particle is a composition of uncountable atoms in which various other particles are in a state of continuous and organized motion. Thus, the notion of chemistry that “particle motion is a blessing in disguise” is justifiably useful in the physical world too.

Furthermore, a thorough evaluation of world system makes us certain that each part of the universe is at work. May it be the galaxies, solar system, waterfalls, clouds, volcanoes, winds, each and everything? Work hides in itself the secrets of life. Without work and motion, there is no life. Stagnant water smells unpleasant and dull. The similar law is applicable in our social, political, and economic lives too. A stagnant economy, paralyzed political movements, transfixed thinking processes, rigid and strict working policies are unquestionably equivalent to failure and ultimately lead to disaster. History of various nations substantiates this fact. The exchange of powers from east to west in past few centuries proves that success was engrossed by that part which was engaged in work. When leisure, entertainment, and pastime found space in their system, their downfall started at the very point.

This continuous state of the world at work proved to be a boon for today’s advanced technological era. A man worked to start from the wheel to the invention of robots. Minds worked to get out of caves and carved buildings out of concrete. It is only the sequel of the world at work that man is now able to fly high in the sky and dive deep into the sea, to extract and utilize the gifts of nature. It is only the consequence of world at work that it has been squeezed to a global world.

David O. McKay aptly states, “Let us realize that the privilege to work is a gift, that power to work is a blessing, that love of work is the success.”

The world had been at work, is still working and will continue to work, to make this world a better place to live. World-including man, living and material things- is meant to be at work. The halt will definitely be an end to a life and world will be vanished.

This article written by Sundus Burhan gives a brilliant idea about how you can evade depression and bring your activity level back to work. A depressed client feels tired and lacks interest in anything which seems to be pleasurable for others. They can get motivated if they try to put themselves operating through “The World at Work” metaphor.


Written By: 

Sundus Burhan

M.Phil. Clinical Psychology


Mehwish Mursaleen

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology

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